Welcome to my website for my own personal work from the last two or three years.

I first became seriously interested in photography when i went to Bolton College Of Art And Design between 1976 and 1980. I was originally studying Graphic Design but Photography which was already a hobby just took my interest after attending a lecture by American photographer Sam Haskins.

After leaving college i have always worked in photography covering virtually every genre from Catalogue and Advertising through Location and Editorial. Nowadays I enjoy product photography as there is always a new challenge every day.

A camera is always with me wherever I go. Some of my favourite pictures have been taken as the opportunity presents itself briefly.

Throughout my career i have used Canon cameras and seen huge changes in technology including the emergence of digital which gives me the kind of freedom i could only dream of with film.

Over the last forty years plus i have used virtually every Canon generation from the A series right through to the current R series mirrorless cameras which can create stunning pictures in any conditions particularly in very low light. This website covers the time from when I first started using mirrorless cameras in January 2019.

As a working photographer the final image is always the priority. Whatever it takes to get there is all part of the process of photography.

I hope some of my personal work you will find interesting. We are surrounded by things we take for granted. A camera can transform the way we look at theĀ familiar every day into anything from abstract to surprising and everything in between.

I’m one of those lucky people who has spent all his working life doing a job I genuinely love and enjoy as much now as ever.

Andy Bramah A.B.I.P.P.