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Our services cover a vast array of areas gathered from over 30 years experience in commercial photography including:-

Portraits, from individuals to groups including the tiniest little babies to to families and special occasions. How many times have you been so busy entertaining that you haven’t had the time to take photographs at that special celebration. Birthdays, engagements, re-unions, hen nights, graduations, 18th birthday, 21st birthday there are lots of occasions when you want great pictures to remind you of that special day.

From pictures of the bride getting ready and lots of spontaneous pictures of all the guests that capture the excitement and atmosphere of the day. All the way to the evening reception,capturing yourselves and your guests sharing the day with you.

Make Me A Model
Your chance to pose a personal portfolio of pictures as a present for your birthday or just because its something you have always wanted to do. Comprising several different looks and outfits to give you your very own portfolio of pictures. We can come to your place if you feel more comfortable and even shoot on location. Hair and make up can even be arranged to give you the whole model experience.

Model Portfolios
From years of experience shooting models from agency represented to aspiring models this can mean everything from a beautiful headshot to a series of images from fashion to lingerie to casual to dramatic. Shooting in studio and on location using artificial lighting or natural daylight we can create any kind of mood to suit your area of modeling. Hair and make-up can be arranged if you require. I have shot every genre from editorial through glamour to high fashion and can create every kind of look you might need. I am patient enough for beginners who need time to get over first time nerves and i am experienced enough to work with agency represented models and stylists etc. I love faces and headshots is a speciality I enjoy.

Lifestyle photography is increasingly used in publications such as OK/Hello and similar magazines. We can come to your choice of location and photograph you in an environment you feel comfortable in. If you need classy pictures of yourselves in a luxury surrounding we can come to you and make pictures that will make you feel special. Whether it be a picture of you with your favourite car or with your favourite friends, your pictures will be perfect to show how you live your life.

Companies often require official portraits for business needs from reports to magazine to meetings and id and personnel use. Business meetings and conferences often need great pictures on the day. We can come to you and cover these requirements and supply pictures on disc or as prints very quickly,often on the night. We have a fully portable set-up that can be used at a venue of your choice.

Picture Packages
We offer a range of packages that include photography at regular intervals most often of babies and young children. As you all know they change very quickly and its easy to miss them growing up. Photographing at an agreed interval with give you pictures that record their early moments when you are so busy that you often don’t have time to take pictures.

This can be everything from your local sports team to a companies sales team,management team and lots of other groups of people. We can come to you and cover your needs quickly and get the pictures to you in double quick time.

Business Services
A lot of businesses like hotels, restaurants, health centres, gyms retailers etc need photography to promote themselves on websites that make potential customers aware of the services they offer. From exterior pictures to interiors of rooms, dining areas, meeting rooms, receptions, spas good pictures can give as much information as any amount of words.

Product photography can mean anything from the simplest of things from a shoe on a white background right through to prestige vehicles photographed in expensive locations. From a one-off picture for a brochure, advertisement or magazine to a high volume of products for catalogues and websites we can cover every need. Increasingly products are being combined with lifestyle and fashion photography as is the case with jewellery and fashion accessories. Combing still-life photography, backed up with fashion style pictures makes the buyer more aware of how products work in the situation they were designed for, rather than just a record of the product itself.  Often it can be more cost effective to come to you and shoot where the products are available to save time sourcing and shipping items for photographing. Products can include location work from farm machinery to factory based machinery.

Increasingly residential building companies are using good photography to sell there new developments. From stylised, creative images for posters around the area of the development to pictures of the different types of houses and including interiors to show the rooms fully furnished and decorated. Gone are the days when a quick snap was all that was needed. Great eye-catching pictures that suggest a lifestyle can be a very powerful selling tool in an increasingly competitive environment. I have travelled all over the country to photography new developments over the past few years so this is an area i am very familiar with.

Clothing is traditionally best shown on models as people can then see the garments and choose what they want for themselves. Over my career I have photographing models from kids to grown ups both in studio and on location from this country to miami beach. Specialities have been lingerie for a long while and fashion for several well known high street retailers. Everything from designer outfits and luxury handmade lingerie to catalogue/website, through swimwear to sportswear. Fashion is an area I am very experienced in and enjoy very much. I can shoot from simple white backgrounds to location and in every style from moody and edgy to commercial. I have photographed numerous celebrities from boxers, footballers, sports stars, TV personalities and actors for magazines and newspapers and calenders.

A lot of businesses use PR as a means to keep up awareness of their services. From exhibitions to press campaigns, opening shops/buildings photography is used to add an extra dimension to the articles. The importance of good pictures cannot be underlined enough in a very competitive world.


How many times do you find yourself in a position where you need a photograph doing in rapid time and being ready for you to use in a short turn around. We can often shoot people and products very quickly and get the pictures ready for you very quickly. Pictures can be e-mailed to you for approval and the finished images ready within hours,often the same day.

There are several other areas for which I can supply your needs, so if you need even the smallest thing please get in contact.

Andy Bramah.